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Professional Life Insurance Analysis and Recommendations

Through a team effort with the client's legal, accounting, investment, banking and insurance advisors, we will develop and implement the appropriate financial strategies that will achieve the goals of that individual, family, or business.

In addition, our firm provides technical support for attorneys and accountants when designing insurance, estate, business, retirement, investment and charitable planning strategies. These complimentary services include but are not limited to:

  • Client Counseling
  • Conceptual planning ideas and design
  • Seminars and workshops for members of your firm
  • Prototype legal documents
  • Professional Life Insurance Analysis and Recommendations (P*L*I*A*R)


P*L*I*A*R was developed by Integris Financial Network to perform independent and impartial review of existing life insurance policies to benefit your clients. Whether your client is the insured, policy owner, beneficiary or the trustee.

The primary goal of this complimentary service is to furnish other specialized professionals in the financial services, legal, accounting and banking industries with the unbiased, accurate information needed to perform the due diligence their client's expect of them. Our approach mandates that any other advisors consulted by the client are invited to become participants in this review exercise. This philosophy creates a form of "check and balances". 

Our process diligently examines the insurance company's financial strength, contractual provisions, product flexibility and policy performance. We will then determine if the original, current or future objectives of the policy are being realized. Comprehensive, reliable options, derived from independent sources, will be offered. It is not the firm's intent to cast a negative light on any insurance company, agency or individual.

Our standard operating procedure insists that the results of our study will be shared with the client and the incumbent servicing agent or broker. We strongly encourage questions and continue dialogue since this field is highly specialized, contractual provisions are very abstract and each case will include unique variables which will effect the final resolution. 

Experience has taught us that fully 97% of all insurance policies reviewed were in need of some modification or change, whether internally or externally.